What to Look for in a Travel Agent

February 3, 2013
Snowed-in at Atlanta airport

You never realize just how valuable a travel agent is to your vacation until disaster strikes. A few years ago, I was traveling to South America to take a cruise around the Antarctic Peninsula. This was the first time I had done something like that so my travel companion and I planned for eventualities. We […]

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Follow in Shackleton’s Wake

March 14, 2012
Cape Valentine, Elephant Island

The Ernest Shackleton Story: Ernest Shackleton is a polar explorer renowned for the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–1917) which got stuck in early iceflows and eventually sank after the pressure from the ice cracked the hull. 5 days later the entire crew managed to land on Elephant Island with the lifeboats from their ship Endurance. However […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 18: Miami to Orlando

March 1, 2010
Mom and Keira last hurrah in Argentina

We got to Orlando right on time 8:10 AM and Dad was waiting for us. Passport control: It was miles from the plane to the passport control in Miami. Then through customs, picking up our luggage, and dropping it off in the next room Orlando area. Thank God there are trollies. It was a long […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 17: Buenos Aires to Miami

February 28, 2010
La Recoleta Cemetery

We ate some breakfast (I had toast and fruit) (Mom had fruit). Buenos Aires Tour and Tango Show: Then we went to the Martini Bar on Deck 5 by 7:15 AM. We were off the boat by 7:30 AM. The bus was comfortable, and the tour guide, Amalia, was very nice and competent. She was […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 16: Montevideo

February 27, 2010
Keira next to a fountain in Montevideo

A little boat trivia: There is no jail on the boat, but there is security. The crew is not allowed to handle difficult guests. They call security. Evidently on the Christmas cruise a man was beating his wife in their room. The room next door called to report it. They ended up holding the man […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 15: Sea Day

February 26, 2010
Mom looking very pretty.

We have moved the clocks ahead one hour. It’s rocking and rolling quite a bit. Quiet, happy day on the boat. It really makes a big difference to have a lovely boat to be on. There is something about the Infinity that makes it big enough to have things going on. And the areas around […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 14: Puerto Madryn

February 25, 2010
Playground on Beach of Puerto Madryn

11:16 AM: Mom noticed we had a message waiting from yesterday. It was from Violeta, the concierge, wanting to talk to her. They want to offer us a meal at the exclusive restaurant because of our inconvenience with the lost luggage. Steven S. called us to tell us they were meeting at 8 AM, then […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 13: Sea Day and Bridge Tour

February 24, 2010
Keira and Second Officer Kyle

7:45 AM : Wake up call, then dressed and breakfast. 8:50 AM: Bridge tour; I loved it; we were allowed to take pictures. Kyle, an extremely handsome young American (seriously hot!) is one of the second officers. He went to college at the Maritime College, has a BS, and then his coast guard heavy tonnage […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 12: Cape Horn

February 23, 2010
Cape Horn

Cape Horn at 7 AM! Windy and rocky. We could see rocks and islands. Ojakangus gave commentary and we took lots of pictures. It would blow you off the deck it was so windy. They made a decision to stay on one side because it was very rocky (waves). Now there are a lot of […]

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Antarctica Journal Day 11: Ushuaia

February 22, 2010
Tela del Fuego

5:30 AM: Mom took pictures every so often. It was really beautiful with the sky lightening and the back drop of mountains with snow. We don’t have anything planned here, but we understand there is plenty to do – and plenty to choose from, if we wish. The catamaran that we canceled because we didn’t […]

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