Famous Roads in the United States

Last Stop: Hollywood Blvd!

If you were to take a tour of all the famous streets in the United States, you would find yourself jetting all over the country. There are plenty of famous streets that tourists flock to in this country, no matter what kind of vacation they are looking for.

St. Charles Ave Streetcar

A Streetcar Named Desire

New Orleans is full of infamous streets. St. Charles Avenue is home to the most famous vintage streetcar around, in addition to jaw dropping mansions. The Garden District also includes Magazine Street. Don’t miss out on Royal, which includes unique antique shops and art galleries. Of course there is also Bourbon Street, the most notorious street in the city for partying.

Lombard Street

Make sure your brakes are good before going down this street!

San Francisco’s Lombard Street is one of the most crooked streets in the world, featuring eight hairpin turns. This street runs from the Presidio to a neighborhood called Cow Hollow, but the crooked section is just one-fourth of a mile long.

ny stock exchange

New York Stock Exchange

New York is also home to numerous familiar streets. The history of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange dates back to the seventeenth century. You also would not want to miss the fabulous shows on Broadway or the shops and attractions on Fifth and Madison Avenues.

vegas strip

A stunning view of Vegas at night!

A discussion of famous roads in the United States would be incomplete without mentioning Las Vegas Boulevard. The Strip, as it is often called, consists of casino resorts decorated to the hilt to keep the fantasy alive. This is a wonderland for adults who want to gamble and party the night away.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Nobody could forget the street that draws those dreamers looking for a cinematic big city adventure. That would be Hollywood Boulevard. Stay at one of the posh Hollywood or Santa Monica Hotels and head on down to the Boulevard to stroll along the 18 block Walk of Fame. Take a picture with your favorite super hero and board a bus to tour the city. A trip down Hollywood Boulevard is incomplete without visiting Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Many tourists flock to other attractions on Hollywood Boulevard, including the Guinness Book of World Records Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum. Hollywood & Highland also offers a tremendous number of shops and souvenirs in addition to a movie theater and a bowling alley.


Who doesn’t love the Hollywood Sign?

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign will find that this shopping area offers fantastic views that are great for photos. Travelers will have the opportunity to see clothes and props from classic and modern films in the old Max Factor building, now a museum. The Museum of Death is also a big draw.

Make Hollywood Boulevard the last stop on your next trip to southern California. Hollywood is the city of dreams, opportunity and hope for aspiring actors, singers and performers. The sense of excitement is always in the air and tourists want to feel that same glimmer, even if it is only for a few days. When it comes to touring the most famous streets in the United States, Hollywood Boulevard definitely takes the cake.

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