My Trip to Guangzhou, China (Spring Break 2001): Day 7

(Copied from my Travel Journal. Age: 15)

Early afternoon my mom, sisters, the same girls from last night at dinner, and I go to the zoo. There are 3 zoos in Guangzhou. It cost only $5 for the four of us to go. The zoo is anything but small. It’s got a mini Sea World area, a large playground, a fish world with tyke pools to catch goldfish, exotic animals, a tiny amusement park, and spacious walks shaded from the sun by tall, tall trees.

We saw lions, tigers, and bears!!! Oh my!!! (No, seriously, we did see those things.) We even got to see a panda, leopard babies, foxes, wild boar, hippos, rhinos, elephants, monkeys, deer, and much, much, more!

I felt some of the cages and areas were too small for the animals, but the zoo is large, so I feel there’s possibly this was just the public areas for the animals and their real enclosures were much bigger. They were small so people could see them and so that the animals would be hidden all day.

We saw a show where animals did tricks and fab stunts. There was a bear riding a bike, a trick rider and horse, a mountain goat on a tight rope, etc.) It was neat!

After of 3 hours meandering around its time to head back to the hotel. We have an hour and then the whole group will be enjoying pizza and soda for dinner.

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