The 10 Wildest Little Known Festivals in the World (Part 1)

There are thousands of festivals celebrated all around the world. Many are known to almost everyone, however, there are a few that are not.

baby jumping spain

Would you let this guy jump over your baby?

1. The Baby Jumping Festival

Taking place every year in the village of Castrillo de Murcia, Spain, the ceremony involves men dressed as the devil literally jumping over a mattress full of babies. The ritual, which takes place during the Corpus Christi, represents a cleansing of sin as well as luck and good health

finland wife carrying festival

Don't drown her! I think you'd lose for sure if she did.

2. The Wife Carrying World Championships

Held every year in Sonkajärvi, Finland, this competition is a relay race in which competitors carry their wives as they run. What does the winner receive? Their wife’s weight in beer. No wonder this festival seems to be increasing in popularity.

cheese rolling contest

How bad to you want that cheese?

3. England’s Cheese Rolling Festival

This yearly festival is centered around a wheel of cheese that is thrown down the hill and chased after by a number of contestants. The first contestant to roll to the bottom of the hill gets the cheese!

holi india color festival

Can you imagine explaining the cleanup to your mother?

4. India’s Color Festival

Known as Holi in India, this festival celebrates both the coming of spring as well as the religion of the Hindu people. Participants celebrate by soaking one another in a wide variety of colorful powders, waters and perfumes.

La Tomatina

Slip n' slide on a bed of tomatoes, sounds like fun!

5. La Tomatina

The town of Brunol in Valencia, Spain, celebrates this festival by welcoming 20,000 people to have what basically amounts to a giant food fight, in which tomatoes are the main ammunition.

Up next is The 10 Wildest Little Known Festivals in the World (Part 2).

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