Travel Green: Ways to Offset Your Carbon Footprint on Your Next Cruise Holiday

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Is Green Travel Possible on a Cruise?

While your primary focus of taking a cruise holiday may be to experience the wonders of nature, laze in the glistening sun or do some on-board shopping, there are also a great number of environmentally friendly reasons to why cruising is a great holiday choice. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming concerned about their carbon footprint and how their holiday adventures may be impacting their surrounding environment.

Considering a cruise holiday as an eco-friendly way to travel may just sound a little ridiculous to some people, with the largest cruise liners in the world on record as producing more than 200, 000 gallons of sewage and in excess of 1 million gallons of grey water; all of this being discarded directly into the water. In more recent years, however, many cruise liners have raised the bar for environmentally friendly practices at sea, with many now boasting to have decreased their carbon footprint. So, are cruise holidays really the best way to travel green? Read on to discover the truths about eco-friendly travel and how you can offset your carbon footprint, during your next cruise holiday.

Research your Cruise Line

As aforementioned, a number of reputable cruise lines are now promoting green travel, with many implementing state of the art facilities to reduce their impact on the environment. Disney Cruise Lines, for example, have applied a non-toxic, non-resistance surface to the hull of their ships, in order to reduce resistance in the water and create greater fuel efficiency. Various cruise lines have implemented green solutions, in more recent years, so it is always a wise decision to do your research before boarding.

Recycle On-board

Travellers can always do their own part, by implementing their own green practices whilst on-board. This process is helped immensely, when cruise ships also do their party. The waste created on-board Carnival Cruise Lines ships is recycled, helping to reduce the amount of landfill and pollution created by travel.

Wasting water is also a thing of the past, with many cruise lines now using grey water purification systems, in order to minimise pollutants that are being discarded into the ocean. Purification of grey water also allows this recycled water to be used again, for purposes such as sewage systems.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is another industry leader in the way of green travel, as they have eliminated the use of all plastic cookware, cups and plates on-board, in the hopes of reducing the amount of wastage on their ships, as well as encouraging passengers to refrain from dumping waster overboard.

Whether you are booking tropical Hawaiian cruises or heading to the nature loving paradise of Alaska, it important to focus on your surrounds. When in doubt about the environmental practices of any cruise line, always talk to your travel specialist such as Cruiseabout for recommendations and further details on cruise line policies.

Written by Barbie S. It is almost as good as dream comes true for Barbie when she got an offer as a travel writer, infusing her love for travel and her passion to share wonderful moments with her fellow travellers. Barbie also loves yoga and teaches part-time in a local studio.

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