Wish I Was Here: Blue Mosque, Instanbul, Turkey

I wish I was going to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey today. The classical mosque architecture was influenced by Ottoman and Byzantine styles. Just look at the interior shots below of the tens of thousands of blue tiles and you can’t help but be inspired to worship. The tulip mosaics are gorgeous!

blue mosque

Blue Mosque at dusk. This beauty is here because it was commissioned by Sultan Ahmet I.

Blue Mosque Instanbul

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) Interior. I’m awed by the craftsmanship displayed. Can you imagine the labor involved?

Blue Mosque

Courtyard of the Blue Mosque at night. Wouldn’t this be lovely to see light up against the night sky?

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Did you know that the six minarets caused a scandal? The sultan had to add a 7th to the holiest mosque in Mecca to make it better.

Blue Mosque Hall

Blue Mosque Hall shows off a few of the 200 stain glass window designs and tulip mosaics. What a great sight for visitors!

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in morning sunlight.

Have you ever been? What did you love most about your visit? If you haven’t been, do you want to go?

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